Project Scope: New and responsive website design in WordPress featuring RFQ with attachments capability. There were multiple domains owned by the customer, so those needed to be pointed as well.

Contributions: Studio531 relocated the website to another Hosting company and built out the design in WordPress based on a “cleaning” design selected by the customer and Studio531.

Design Rationale: The challenge here was to make it evident that this website was for industrial parts ( not jewelry cleaning ) and appeal to cleanroom manufacturers and give them a sense of assurance. The logo was altered slightly at the request of the customer. A “cleaning” WordPress theme was chosen that had features the customer liked and that was substantially modified and customized. Colors were almost of a cleanroom type theme with whites and light blues and greens. Imagery was predominantly preselected by the customer.

The responsive view of the website. ( Note to self: Hero image needs to change on responsive ).

The previous website was not responsive and some of the functionalities were broken. It needed an update.