Studio531 specializes in the design, creation, maintenance, enhancement and repair of websites with an emphasis on business / company / brochure style type websites.

Website Design

Studio531 has over 20+ years experience in building and designing (creating) websites and website components for integration. Designing means creating from scratch with little or no assets. It also means selecting a theme to best represent a business and customizing it to work with the selected CMS to facilitate and maintain the website. CMS meaning Content Management System like WordPress or Drupal or an SaaS, like WebFlow or Wix.

Website Creation

The design and creation of a website are terms that often get intermingled with one another as well as confused. The design is the color themes, navigation menus, page layouts and templates and the graphics. In close relation to all of the design elements is the content, like the company logo, the company literature, photographs, etc., etc. These two pieces of the puzzle get put together to create the website.

Website Maintenance

Once a website is built and launched, it needs to be maintained. Maintenance typically includes CMS core, plugins and theme updates. Automated, off-site backups. 24/7 security monitoring and cleanup and 24/7 uptime monitoring. And sometimes simple maintenance tasks that only add up to one of time per month, like the addition of graphics provided by Customer to an existing web page, simple changes to navigation, etc., etc. If you are busy running your business, it is worth the time and trouble to have a custom tailored maintenance contract in place to save you from long winded head-aches and hours of head scratching when you try to do-it-yourself.

Website Enhancement(s)

This can be anything from a theme customization or a specialized graphic to the integration of a new plugin or module into your existing website. Whatever you\’re looking to do, we can do it, or steer you in the right direction to get it done.

Website Repairs

Repair is required when your website is hacked or has gone into a state of disrepair as the result of a long period of neglect or abandonment between scheduled maintenances and required updates. Many times owners and webmasters drift apart and do not communicate to keep the site secure and free from malicious activities. As a consequence, a website can fall into disrepair and actually become a liability or nuisance as the result of a hack, malware or a malicious software injection.

Website Marketing

On creation, Studio531 will integrate on-site / on-page SEO and make your website as friendly as possible to any and all search engines. Additionally, Studio531 will integrate any required marketing vehicles or components as is required, such as newsletter capabilities, chats, etc.. However, Studio531 does not offer on going SEO or SEM as a service. This requires continuous and consistent content creation and is outside the scope of Studio531’s focus. We focus on the website, it’s coding, it’s functionalities and it’s overall health. If we do more than that, then we’re not experts in what we do any longer.

eCommerce / Shopping Carts

Studio531 has extensive experience and familiarity in working with many different types of shopping cart softwares and SaaS platforms including Magento and Shopify. Currently, Studio531 offers shopping cart buildouts and consultation, but only on a limited basis.