I / we have always steered customers and clients into the direction of a “free” or “low-cost” solution, when it comes to selecting an ecommerce shopping cart. This, of course, depends on many variables, but for start-ups, or new customers wanting to get into the ecommerce game, “free” has always been on the table.

These days, “free” is harder to come by. Many of the popular ecommerce cart solutions have been snatch up and incorporated into a larger suite of products, like Magento and Demandware. So, when it comes to options, there have been less and less over the years, and many times “less” means not very good at all and that means just bad.

All that being said, I saw a PR Release for the new version of osCommerce this morning in one of my feeds. Apparently, it was four (4) years in the making. Needless to say, I’m excited to set it up and have a look.

Here’s the link to the PR Release: osCommerce launches the latest version of its free shopping cart, the most powerful open-source ecommerce platform