Tiki Farm Website – Circa 2003

History: The Tiki Farm website has gone through many incarnations ( at least 10, maybe more! ) since it’s inception around 2000. The original website was built with Dreamweaver and utilized the basics (HTML, JavaScript and CSS). Flash was popular back then, so it featured a Flash Intro. The Flash Intro changed frequently, about 6-8x per year. The design shown above featured a strong use of Flash and utilized a Mals-e Shopping Cart.

Using the same design elements, the site was subsequently rebuilt in or around 2006-2007 with NopCommerce ( not by Studio531 ) and stayed that way for some years.

In 2018-2019, the site changed platforms to Shopify and has been that way since. Studio531 made the platform change and the site was subsequently taken over (again) by a person in-house.

Flash Notes: When Flash was a “thing” the site featured a Flash Intro piece about once per month and those Flash animation Intros were then placed later on in a section called “Tiki Theatre”. Many of these animations can still be seen on the Tiki Farm YouTube Channel.

Design Rationale Notes: The original design was inspired by elements of the Polynesian cultures and the Hawaiiana influences of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950s in America. Glass floats and hanging pufferfish, all of the things you’d find in your favorite old Tiki bar. The use of black as a background color was to create the mood of a Tiki bar. The design rationale in the early days of TIki Farm was to appeal to Tiki Mug collectors and fans. This rationale eventually changed towards making the purchase of a tiki mug an easier and faster experience.

Additional Notes: The company is now focused entirely on Tiki Mug design and custom mug production and has been using the Shopify platform for their eCommerce requirements since 2018.

You will find Tiki Farm mugs in just about every popular Tiki bar around the world.

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Be sure to visit the Farm: www.tikifarm.com

Tiki Farm Website – Iterations

Supplemental sales brochure / Tradeshow Handout

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Tradeshow advertisements placed published in the NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show Daily Magazine, 2017 – Chicago, IL.)