CPS Product Branding Labels

CPS Labels and color schematics for product photography. The concept is that for each “brand” the color scheme changes to reflect the respective label color below. This means the product photography will show a reflection of that color on the products itself with respect to the backgrounds. Since we have several “gray” color based brand names, i.e. platinum, titanium, silver, etc. this would be too difficult to reflect on the product photography, so we ( Ross & myself ) chose the following colors to represent each particular cleanroom packaging brand.

Gold Series Products:

Hex: #D99228
CMYK: 14, 46, 100, 0
Pantone (PMS): 7550 C

Platinum Series Products:

Hex: #5A66AF
CMYK: 73, 65, 5, 0
Pantone (PMS): 7456 C

RHodium Series Products:

Hex: #51276b
CMYK: 81, 100, 24, 14,
Pantone (PMS): 2623 C

titanium Series Products:

Hex: #204C24
CMYK: 83, 43,100, 46
Pantone (PMS): 357 C

SILVER Series Products:

Hex: #387B9B
CMYK: 79, 43, 26, 3
Pantone (PMS): 7697 C or 7698 C

CPS Caution Clean Contents Labels

Level 100
Red Color PMS: 185 C

Level 50
Blue Color PMS: 2766 C

Outer Box Labels – Mock-ups

Hex: #5A66AF
CMYK: 73, 65, 5, 0
Pantone (PMS): 7456 C

Office Wndow Signs

Shipping & Receiving Sign