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Web Design Costs: Everything You Need To Know

I came across this on Forbes. I thought it was pretty good and worth mentioning. It’s a nut-shell version of the process, but the basics are there. Web Design Costs

Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Came across this link in one of the feeds that comes in. Good advice. Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Get to the point. The only other thing we would add is, “Stay focused”. Creating a High-Quality Website on a Budget Cheers ~

Is blogging dead?

I was beginning to test my WordPress blog layout when I suddenly asked myself? Why would someone blog when they could just use social media? So I Googled it and found this: Are Blogs Still Relevant in 2021? Cheers ~

The Schmerb

Years ago, I created a character that I called “The Schmerb”. The character was loosely based on a young receptionist lady that I worked in the same shared office with at the time. Why? I don’t know and cannot recall. I had ideas for the Schmerb. The Schmerb was an elusive and mysterious time traveler. There was an original drawing I did in ink on bristol and this rendering was based on that. When I find that drawing in my piles and files, I’ll share it. That’s about all I can remember right now. Anways, the reason I’m writing this is because I came across some art files I had created in Flash those years ago and thought it would be fun to share. Here’s what the Schmerb looked like. The light in the corner of the amoeba was one of those cool glowing animations. Apparently, there is an Urban… Read More »The Schmerb

Hello world!

Welcome to Studio531! This is the first post in the hopes of many. We will be publishing thoughts, comments, advice, articles, etc., with the industry in mind. Anything goes, as long as it’s website and design related, for the most part. Cheers ~