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Not listed in Chronological Order

The following is a partial list of projects that Studio531, has at one time or another, developed, designed, maintained, or worked on as an associate in some capacity. The list is not in chronological or alphabetical order. Some are still active and have since changed hands, and some have been retired or even abandoned. This partial list will eventually be completed in it's entirety with updated and accurate project descriptions and histories, and may even, be subcategorized.


    Designed and developed in Magento 1.7 utilizing numerous third party extensions, this website featured about 6500 skus, many with parent/child relationships. Managed and maintained all aspects of the website including security updates, new extensions and product data design to optimize search engine penetration. The company was acquired by Thomas Scientific in late 2017 and the website was integrated into their systems August 2019.


    TIki FarmThe Tiki Farm website has gone through several redesigns and is now a Shopify site. The original design featured a strong use of Flash and utilized a mals-e shopping cart. Utilizing the same design, the site was subsequently rebuilt in NopCommerce. When Flash was a "thing" the site featured a Flash Intro piece about once per month or so and those Flash intros were then placed in a section called "Tiki Theatre". Some of these animations can still be seen on the Tiki Farm YouTube channel. The company is now focused entirely on Tiki Mug design and production.


    Morovision Night VisionOriginal design and multiple redesigns of website selling night vision equipment and accessories. Minimal use of Flash over time to place emphasis on search engine optimization. Morovision was a B2B, B2C and OEM customer based nationwide wholesale distributor of night vision and thermal technology based systems, components and accessories. In 2009, Morovision became the U.S. domestic law enforcement master distributor for ITT Night Vision, which later became Exelis, and then Harris Corporation. Sometime in 2015 or 2016, Morovision ceased B2C operations.


    An original micro-website design for a Bike-To-Work marketing initative and contest sponsored by Shimano American Corporation. Design was created for Shimano's master content management system called Communiqué by Day Corporation. Site was launched and maintained by Shimano's web team. Emphasis was placed on promotion and appeal to target demographic and Shimano's Nexus product line. The initative is long since gone.


    Website constructed by Studio531 and designed by Stellarum, this all-Flash website showcases real estate development projects applying a "live, work, play" philosophy wherein the projects and communities were built with the mobile professional and home-based office worker in mind. This website was constructed entirely in Flash. The only HTML was the index page, literally. I never felt entirely comfortable doing all-Flash pieces because it defeated any search capabilities. Which, to me, made putting something on the www, pointless really.


    Built by Studio531 and designed by Stellarum, this website showcases a real estate development in Costa Rica. This website was constructed with search engine optimization as the primary objective. The emphasis was to capture new and already interested parties to go to Costa Rica and visit the development. There was also a premium placed on imagery for the property itself, but also the Guanacaste Region in Costa Rica.


    One of Urban-West's (see above) development projects, Poinsettia Commons was a combination Flash and HTML website built by Studio531 and designed by Stellarum. The design called for a spinning cube in Flash that you could click on and be taken to that particular floorplan. This was a challenge in Flash, but it was accomplished. The top part of the website design was also a Flash piece. It had quite a bit of movement in it.


    Designed and built by Studio531, this website features a mals-e webstore where you can purchase Vroomfoods' "SERIOUSLY CAFFEINATED" energy mints and chocolate chews. Website is text rich and does quite well in the search engines as a result. Try a FOOSH Energy or a BUZZ BITE. They rock!


    Website designed and built by Studio531, Alliance Advisors, LLC, an affiliate of Hayden Communications, provides market positioning, financial corporate communications as well as advice related to capital formation initiatives. Alliance assists public companies by developing and executing investor awareness programs dedicated to interfacing with critical corporate shareholders in a timely and accurate manner. Business changed hands and has moved on.


    Designed and built by Studio531, this website displays an online catalog of custom manufactured eye products for use in the entertainment and educational industries. James Alser's custom eyes have been in just about every fantasy/sci-fi movie ever produced in Hollywood. Big Trouble in Little China always rings a bell when I come across it channel surfing. You hold these up next to your own, and you'd swear someone just popped it out of their skull! Very cool. Client switched website companies years back and has changed the storefront since.


    Not redesigned, but re-constructed Studio531, Hayden Communications (HC) is a premier investor relations information resource to institutions, hedge funds, independent portfolio mangers, buy-side and sell-side analysts, small to large retail brokerage firms and accredited individual investors. Site was updated regularly by Studio531. The company has since changed operations and some of the players moved on into different opportunities.


    Website was originally designed and built by Studio531, but has since changed hands. Website was designed with search engine optimization in mind and as a potential storefront. Small of use of Flash on the homepage was used, but the focus was keywords and placement.


    Website designed and built by Studio531. This website informs and promotes a revolutionary new product for the telescope and astromony industry that allows beginners to easily find an object in the stars, by connecting their computer to the telescope ( any computer ) and entering the data. Program and product created by Howard Royster a.k.a. Genius.


    Original design of website displaying a revolutionary designed series of digital holding tank level measurement solution oriented products. Site is "all flash" and had a back-end designed in .lasso. Site was designed around the Flash MX based "Level Solutions Wheel", which features animations and videos produced by TK Media. As a result, site was forced into a frames style presentation. The parent company, Flowline, has since relinquished the domain and moved on into other initiatives.


    Website displaying the talents of popular Lost Enterprises surf artist Drew Brophy. Site features gallery of Drew's artworks, t-shirts, stickers, etc., with shopping cart. Site also includes informational and promotional flash piece on Drew's Art Boards and how to paint a surfboard. Site changes are made frequently.


    Redesign of website promoting historical restaurant including new menu and business name change. Emphasis on menu and location for business meetings, weddings, and other functions, as well as on contact us and historical information of location and the restaurant history itself.Some use of Flash.


    Real Estate website showcasing various beach front properties for sale and for rent. Database connectivity with Live Picture and Real One Player virtual tours. Some use of Flash. Design emphasis on rental property display and customer appeal.


    A website displaying an online informational catalog of professional display products including ATM Sunlight Readable Monitors, Mobile Computing Systems, and Military Applications. Re-design of entire site including new color scheme, DHTML navigation and some use of Flash. Emphasis on product information and specifications. Redesign published on June 1, 2001.


    Original micro-website design for new heavy-duty bicycle components manufactured by non other than Shimano. Design was created with Shimano's master content management system called Communiqué by Day Corporation in mind. Site is completely maintained and run by Shimano's web team. Emphasis on product information and appeal to target demongraphic. Site can be reached through Shimano's Portal website as well. Includes a Flash Animation rollover on the product page.


    Website redesign for a meeting planning company, based in New Jersey. Emphasis on sales information and some search engine optimization. Includes rollover dropdown DHTML navigation, Request for Info email form and a Flash intro.


    Website displaying an eclectic collection of killer vintage items from the 50's, 60's and 70's, all for sale. Site conceptualization, design, and creation utilizing existing logo and input from client. Flash animation of logo Intro. Set up for client to easily take over maintenance of site.


    Simple website designed for retail sale of retro, tiki & vintage items including an online store by Americart. Site design and creation of site worked out closely with client, who created rough sketches of artwork and had site ideas in mind. Logo created by STUDIO531.COM. Site recently taken over for maintenance by client.


    Website for specialty Spanish Colonial antique dealer with emphasis on a product display as well as integration of form updates for new item acquisitions. Re-design utilizing existing site framework but with emphasis on richer & deeper graphics and better form update capabilities for new items.


    Website for Frozen Cocktail & Beverage manufacturer with emphasis on product information and sales. Site design developed from existing letterhead and logo. Site conceptualization, design, and creation utilizing existing logo and company brochures and pictures taken for promotion and sales.


    Website for San Clemente Technology Park II commercial construction project in Talega, San Clemente, California. Includes custom photography of project, and a javascript style generated navigation.Site conceptualization, design, and creation using company brochures and pictures taken for promotion and sales.


    Website created for sales information on Spec Construction Project in South Orange County called Talega Lake. Simple HTML and JavaScript with a "responsive" (at the time) design that was based on percentages.


    Promotional website for a major body building competition event that was held November 8-10, 2002 in New Orleans, LA. Sponsors were GNC, Physical magazine and more. Significant use of Flash and actionscript programming. Studio531 built the website for the first year of the event in 2002. Client switched to different design company in 2003 for live event programming.


    An early ecommerce based website targeting an 18 - 35 year old male demographic based on the BachelorPad idealism and styles of the late 50's and 60's. The site included five (5) e-commerce sections, The Pad, The Bar, Tiki Lounge, The Clothes, and The Videos, each offering it's own subsections of products and two (2) entertainment channels SwankTV and Swank Island, featuring our web mascot character Sammy Swank: The Quintessential Bachelor. Note: This website was taken down March 2002, and theURL was subsequently picked up by a conglomerate business trying to increase their site hits using previous successful and popular URLS. Designed site interface, navigation and graphics for over 250 e-commerce products. Worked closely with website host asp programmers to integrate e-commerce products into the back-end store. Designed, developed, storyboarded and animated in Flash 4.0 a complete castof cartoon characters for entertainment offered on site. Close to 500 pages.


    Ecommerce website displaying a catalog of specialized rearends & components for the automotive industry. Site is created in 3 parts; 1. Catalog of Currie Custom Rearends 2. An online Jeep Components store offering a multitude of Off-road and Extreme Rock Crawling Jeep Parts, Components & Accessories for sale, and 3. An informational section about Currie Enterprises history in the business. Re-design, and creation of site using existing artwork from previous site versions and promotional materials from print media. Store integration utilizing ASP and ASP.NET ready driven shopping cart by Cartmaster. Small use of Flash on homepage.


    Sister site and store to the Currie Enterprises main website, this sub-site is the ASP.NET driven webstore and features all of Currie Enterprises's popular after-market jeep parts and accessories. Store has over 200 items for sale, everything from drivetrains to wheel pressure gauges. URL appears to have been abandoned ( I don't know how long ago ) and picked up by a blogger.


    Another sister website to the Currie Enterprises website promoting a new product remodeled after the popular 9 inch Ford rearend, called 9-Plus. This site redesign was published May 25, 2001. Design made in frames targeting product information and dealer assistance with emphasis on dealer only pages using ASP, Flash, HTML and some JavaScript. There was also a rearend calculator accessible only to dealers.

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