eCommerce RfP Management

Specifying goals, objectives, and functional requirements.
Defining platforms and technologies. Key partner selection.

How will the RfP Template Help?

A request for proposal (RFP) is a formal document announcing the bidding process and initial terms. RFPs can be shared publicly or with a select group of vendors.The goals of issuing an ecommerce RFP are twofold. First, to solidify your intentions and requirements internally. And second, to formalize those objectives in a way that lets you examine and evaluate prospective solutions on your terms … instead of theirs.


Key Phases of the RfP Process

  • Initial discovery session and brainstorming
  • Requirements gathering / scoping phase
  • Creation of project specification / functional requirements docs
  • Creation of tender documentation
  • Partner shortlisting and validation
  • Full RfP management (response management, organising of meetings, support in decision making etc)