Good design is good business. - Ian Schrager


Studio531 was originally established as an art portofolio website in late 1999 demonstrating and showcasing the artwork, designs and animations of founder/owner/creator Charlie Rubel. The original intent of the website was to make the artwork accessible to the world at large via the world wide web. Through the interest of and facination for "accessibility", Studio531 was born. From late 1999 through 2006, Studio531 was a web design, development and animation studio serving a client base all over the United States, but primarily in the Southern California area.

In the early part of 2006, Charlie Rubel took up work as an e-Commerce and Marketing Director with an existing client. As a result, the focus of Studio531 became smaller projects with an emphasis on Flash animation content.

As the Eolas plugin lawsuit against Microsoft and other browser and tech companies took hold of the online browser market over the next few years, (which required a JavaScript workaround to see Flash) Studio531 realized that the Flash plugin as a design and content delivery vehicle was beginning to not look so good. In 2010, the end of Flash was beginning to rear it's head when Steve Jobs outlined why the technology would not be allowed on the company's IOS hardware products.

Hello more JavaScript!

From 2009 through 2015, a few Studio531 websites were built and/or maintained, but with Charlie Rubel's primary focus on work as an e-Commerce and Marketing Director there wasn't a lot of time to properly take on new clients and maintain the level of learning necessary to keep up with new and developing web and ecommerce technologies.

2015 and Beyond! Studio531 currently maintains websites for a handful of clients and selectively takes on any new clients depending on the project and the requirements. Learning new web technologies and ecommerce platforms is at the forefront of keeping up with the forever changing world of the wild, wonderful and widening web!

~ Cheers